3SB • Three steps beyond
Honey Moon Suite

A honeymoon suite represents a memorable space providing to the couple a unique experience for their days out of ordinary.


The design of such a suite led to an open space room, divided into three levels where each one is dedicated to a different function. Carefully chosen materials give to the platforms a unique character. A warm wooden platform is used for the bedroom, an earth tone concrete floor is used in the dining area and the bathroom and hexagon rough cement tiles are used for the patio.

The unity of the space will only be interrupted by curtains that are separating, on demand, the bathroom area with the rest.


Finally, the three levels are connected by a tree, symbolizing the meaning of life and creation.


The border line between the exterior and the interior cannot easily be determined and when the glass partition is opened the inside becomes outside and vice versa.


Special facilities enhance the experience: breakfast in bed, open-air home cinema, hanging armchairs, internal/external private swimming pool, gas fireplace.




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