AMBT • Ambalage tower
Remake of office building surface

Our proposal constitutes a dialog between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. This dipole is expressed in design terms with implementation of an extra layer of metallic mesh – whose transparency contributes to the viewing of initial building’s morphology, as well as to the view from inside out. Its shape is defined by ‘blob’ geometry which is contrary to the existing one, signaling a new area for the Piraeus Tower as a landmark building for the port. The skin is running all over the building, while in some points it penetrates the interior and creates internal green spaces, while it clearly reveals the initial structure. The tower is based on a 3 level wider volume where the membrane is stretched by five points and creates a shadowed free space on the terrace. In parallel, water element –   the characteristic of the area – is covering the unsheltered space of the balcony, where water ponds are created, and the rest of the area is a pleasant outdoor space.


Competition entry, "Piraeus Tower Facade reformation"


E-magazine greek architects


Piraeus, Athens




Victoria Lytra