FH • Fillis House-Luxury Apartments

Fillis House is a boutique hotel situated in the captivating village of Vourvourou, in the peninsula of Sithonia, Halkidiki. The remarkable scenery of the area and the amazing beaches of the coastline are a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

The project is about the design of two houses that would function as autonomous boutique villas based on the architectural philosophy of Halkidiki: stone-built houses with red tiled roofs and timbered ceilings. The stone we used in the construction is from Lakkoma, excavated in the area.

We aimed to create two villas with a private garden that would be integrated in the natural environment of the existing property as well as the surrounding area.

The basic concept was to design a space that is lacking furniture. The different functions are served through the different floor levels. The bed, the nightstands, the couch, the kitchen and the bathroom are formed through the raised volumes of the concrete. All surfaces are covered with decorative micro cement that creates a homogeneous and flowing space, while the ceramic sunbreaks embrace it decoratively.

The other functions, such as the bathroom and the wardrobe, are hidden behind a wooden wall paneling that gives a sensation of continuity and uniformity, letting guests to guess what lies beneath.

Another point of reference is the big openings that offer a wide view to the semi-private garden of the villa that follows the same concept: raised volumes form a couch and an open kitchen with barbeque. The olive tree in the middle of the yard, a symbol of timeless value, has been retained in the same exact place, offering shadow and representing high values, such as peace, wisdom and prosperity.




Vourvourou, Halkidiki


June 2017