KOR•Re-examining the modernist apartment
A 1970’s apartment in Filothei

This 70’s apartment in Filothei, with references in the modernist architecture, has gone through an all-out reform in the designing process. We have re-examined every function of the house, from public to private areas and designed new ways of reaching the same end.

Tinos green marble covers the main part of the living and in an effort to emphasize the material we have embraced the idea of a juncture with a minimalist dark green vinyl flooring on the kitchen and corridors.

Under the canopy of ‘form follows function’ the wooden structure that forms the kitchen island continues interrupted in the living and becomes a dining table, an art piece or a workbench.

The whiteness in the living is in a sharp contrast with the dark green kitchen and the warm tones of the entrance and wc. The dark but mild blue toned bedroom is creating a sense of tranquility, while the use of this water resistant wallpaper creates a dreamy atmosphere in the en suite bathroom. The shared bathroom breaks the minimalism of the rigorous green corridors with an edgy and whimsical floor tile.




Filothei, Athens


February 2022