KSK • Hiding wheels
Coffee kiosk

The project refers to a wheel canteen that is located on a platform inside the courtyard of the office tower of Panormou square in Athens. The challenge of this project was to build a facade that would cover the wheel canteen, so as at first sight it could not be revealed.


The main elevation of the kiosk is made by a self-supporting oblique shape structure, following exactly the inner shape of the caravan, which is covered by wooden planks that continue to evolve in the rest of the platform. A black square volume with a wide opening window interrupts and protrudes in order to work as a service station.


On the side elevation, also exposed to the passengers, the structure and the form of the caravan are slightly revealed and round metal tubes are applied horizontally, creating a fence for climbing plants to evolve, alike to the overgrown surrounding area.
In the black tent that protects the space from the sun and rain, a transparent fabric hole lets the customers have a view of the tower and the sky, the sun rays that pass through and the rain seen from underneath.


* the project has been awarded from “DOMÉS International Review of Architecture” in the category of “best first project of young architects”.




Panormou Square, Athens