OAnd•Adding new floors atop an old building in Koukaki

The architectural study of this specific project is about the addition of four new floors atop the masonry walls of a 1950’s art deco building in Athens.

The integration of the old building with the new has been the primal goal for our office, offering a new identity to the structure.

In the existing building –that is being delineated with a terracotta color- the door and window frames are being preserved, while the extension is white and minimal. The new structure changes century and the combining black line among old and new is being placed somewhere in between. The niches in the addition, where flowerbeds are placed,  are painted in green.

The overall structure of the balconies is made of metal, to keep the structure lighter, while their internal space is covered by art deco tiles.

The sun-shields made out of perforated metal protect the west oriented building from the harsh afternoon light.




Koukaki, Athens


July 2018