RD•Rational Data Offices

Rational Data is a company that offers software development services. The low unemployment in the sector and the flexibility of many companies to work remotely has driven RD to create an alluring space not only for clients, but most importantly for employees in order to attract and keep new talents.

One of FLUO’s goals was to create a clean working space that fosters alertness and creativity. Clean lines, colored wall partitions and a monochromatic floor were used for the interiors.

Social interaction between the members of team was also a main motive. The design of a counter surrounded by stools in the entrance, shredded by light, encourages a less formal communication.

Last but not least, “sustainable” habits such as rest, exercise and connection with nature were high on the design list. We created a chill room with a large couch that can host many people and outdoor benches for draft beer in the open air to enhance physical vitality and relaxation respectively.




February 2022