VRG• Villa1951
A 1950’s Villa in Glyfada

Villa ‘Rontiri’ in Glyfada, a seaside suburb of Athens, is an architectural gem of the 50’s, situated in a historic and distinguished neighborhood, where many prominent Athenians used to build their private summer residences. We were asked to redesign the interiors, in order to transform it into a boutique rental.

The post-war era Villa was in need of major renovation, in order to return to its former glory. Our goal was to redesign it without ripping out the initial architectural frame. The floors, the stairs and the vitro windows were the spirit of this house, so we had to preserve and restore them.

The two-floor Villa was designed and equipped in a way that can operate as one 250 sq. m. (2,700 sq. feet) accommodation, or as two separate apartments of 125 sq. m. (1,450 sq. feet) each.

Each floor has a large living room and dining room for 8 guests, two large bedrooms with King-size beds and one smaller bedroom with a double bed. Additionally, on each level of the property is also found an equipped kitchen, one large bathroom with a bathtub and one smaller bathroom with a shower.

A privately owned, mesmerizing garden with a glass-pool is located in the back of the house where guests can treat themselves and enjoy the serenity of the natural setting.


Glyfada, Athens


June 2019