ZLT• Aesthetic Medical office at the Limmat Tower

After the successful completion of an apartment in the Limmat Tower in Zurich, our studio recently undertook the design and construction of an aesthetic medical center in the same building.

The clients’ demand was for a clean, luxurious and elegant space. The minimalistic approach in the use of the materials and the synthetic spatial coherence has been the thrust of the architectural intention.

The three meter monolithic reception made out of corian was designed in an organic shaped curved line that gives a sense of continuity and welcomes you in the interior space. Edges are abolished, while curves take their place in the walls, the metal structure in the back of the reception, the sofa and the closets.

The interior volume of the rooms is designed in the same monolithic manner and it consists of autonomous elements that follow the same color palette.

The visual continuity of the floor and walls gives a sense of serenity and purity, while the use of metallic golden elements adds a luxurious touch.




Zurich, Switzerland


May 2018