Fluo architecture & design studio was established in 2010 by Maniati Fei, Michail Thalia and Serrou Christina specializing in the fields of architecture and interior design. Our wide-ranging portfolio of projects includes private residences, hotels as well as commercial and public spaces. With offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, Fluo can undertake in a variety of locations and contexts, from concept to design and from construction to completion.

We treat every client as an individual and perceive every project as unique. Our approach to the clients comes by listening to their concerns, our understanding of their needs comes by translating their vision into form.

Branding & architecture


Branding and brand awareness have become inescapable parts of our daily visual lives.Fluo believes that it is an architect’s responsibility to incorporate client’s brand in the design process and do not maintain a critical distance. Having a proactive approach, architecture is used to reflect the brand in the consistency of the design and visual appearance.



The balance between economic, social and ecological ambitions is considered from the initial stages of each project. Each design derives from, in depth, analytical research of intelligent concepts for better and smarter buildings and urban environments which will improve the everyday lives of the residents and the users.

New technologies


New design techniques led us to develop new working strategies, parametric design and digital fabrication are fields of our interest for further research and exploration. We strongly believe that innovative technology and materials are fundamental forces for architectural evolution towards a sustainable and intelligent build environment.

Team Bio

Thalia Michail
Architect engineer

Thalia Michail is an architect graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After practicing in P. Makridis & Associates S.A. architectural office, she obtained a Master degree in Biodigital Architecture from UIC-Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona.

In the beginning of 2010 she co-established Fluo architecture & design studio. She has gained extensive experience, collaborating for two years in the architectural office of Aris Zambikos - Gr405 Architects - where she was involved in the design process of a number of prestigious projects concerning summer house complexes, offices and retails. Worth mentioning is the design and the construction of the head offices of Energean oil and Gas company and the participation in the architectural competition of a school in Crete.

Fei Maniati
Architect engineer

Fei Maniati graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with honors. She holds a Master degree from UIC-Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona in Biodigital Architecture specialized in the fields of evolutionary processes, emerging systems, algorithms, parametrics, and scripting.

Prior to co-establishing Fluo architecture & design studio in 2010, Fei gained valuable experience having collaborated with Tetragono architecture & construction office in Thessaloniki & with Aien 1:1 architect design construction area in Athens. Fei was involved in several projects, from private housing developments and architectural competitions to commercial renovations for clients such as catering group company Grigoris and Aegean airlines.

Christina Serrou
Interior designer

Christina Serrou is an interior designer with studies in Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and in Dimitrelis School of Art & Design in Thessaloniki. Prior her occupation in the field of design, Christina studied Economics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and worked as a managing director in Chroma Ltd, a technical paint company with important and large scale projects such as the new Town Hall of Thessaloniki, the Met Hotel, the new Concert Hall of Thessaloniki etc. Therefore, she had the opportunity to undertake a leading role position in the successful management of major projects and learn to be flexible, adaptable and committed to decisions.

Christina has also worked in the industry of color paints as a color consultant for diverse projects and as a brand manager in the production of new color palettes.In 2010 she co-established Fluo, architecture and design studio, with Thalia Michail and Fei Maniati.