ARI• Historic apartment redesign

The Byzantine, European and Arabian references of Thessaloniki influenced the residential complexes that surround Aristotelous square, as Ernest Hebrard reinterpreted them after the fire of 1917. The monumental facades are part of the identity of the city and have been an inspiration for the design of this historic apartment of the 1950’s.
The high ceiling with the visible beams and the gypsum decoration that reaches a height of 4.05m, was restored and accented with the adequate illumination. All constructions in the open space of the living are reaching a height of 3.20m that allows the area to breathe and light to penetrate.
The selection of a patterned mosaic makes reference to the history of the building and creates a rug along the apartment that unfolds from the entrance to the kitchen. In the rest of the house, the classic chevron parquet accentuates one of the oldest flooring designs in Europe, a symbol of careful craftsmanship.
The multi-cultural influences of the city can be found in many details concerning the design of this apartment, from the materials to the pieces of art. All of the above try to balance in an apparent antithesis that struggles to join decades of diverse architectural styles from the construction of the building until now.




June 2021