HAP• Athenian Mosaic

Our latest project is about the architectural design of an apartment, housed in an 80’s building in Agia Paraskevi, in Athens. The main concept was to keep the maximal approach of the 80’s era, fleshing it out with new materials and innovative technologies.

The so-called 80’s aesthetic is being visualized in the use of the mosaic floor, made out of different marbles. The mosaic floor runs from the hallway, to the kitchen and WC.

In the house entrance the round vestibule is covered with wood and is being unified with the buffet, embracing the guest to enter in the living.

This buffet descriptively separates the kitchen to the living and is a point of reference for the rest of the house. Made out of semipermeable glass with a texture, the natural light and shadows penetrate partially.

An open bookshelf visually divides the study from the living and dining, whereas in the kitchen area prevail the intense textures and colors.


In the terrace we create a new living room where the family spends most of her time during the summer. The clay sun breaks in the western side of the terrace partially isolate the living area from the afternoon sun. The elevated part of the terrace is being disrupted by the semi-circular flower beds that surround the space with greenery.




Agia Paraskevi, Athens


June 2019