HEV•Flooring around the rooms

It’s our second time to design a part of Evripides Hotel – in 2016 we reconstructed the hotel’s bar & breakfast room and in 2022 we renovated the 5th and 6th floor.

The 70’s building is constituted of seven floors and although the initial permission was for an industrial building, since the beginning it operated as a hotel. The 6th floor is set back from the rest of the building leaving space for the big balconies with a view to the Αcropolis and Αsteroskopeio. The 5th floor underwent a complete renovation -most of the interior walls were demolished and new walls were built allowing bigger bathrooms and entrance spaces for each room.

A prototype room was designed and used as a guideline, since most of them were totally different. In our effort to coordinate the -already designed in 2016- breakfast area with the newly designed rooms special emphasis was given to the flooring, as well as the metal constructions, curves and terrazzo.

Each entrance functions as a buffer zone and includes the bathroom and the open wardrobe system. Its vibrant color creates a monochrome box that fades out the neutrality of the gray in the main space. The warm terracotta is trying to imitate the intense light of the restless sun standing above the city. The floors create a mixture of tiles that segment the area in curved shapes.

The whole synthesis of the space is a patchwork of shapes and materials. This patchwork reflects the urban environment, as described from the windows around the space. Ancient, old and new are all amalgamated in one shape that forms today’s esthetic of modern Athens.




January 2023