IRO•70’s apartment transformation in Pagrati

Our latest project is the renovation of a typical 70’s apartment in Pagrati, Athens. The initial plan was filled with small rooms, different floor layers and wallpapers in every wall. Old flooring was restored and the spaces were unified. In the new space for the kitchen we created custom terrazzo floor with black cobbles and a base of white cement to combine with the old green Tinos marble of the living. The structural elements were maintained exposed and in combination with the design kitchen that prevails in the space, in color and in shape, the house takes a modern reform. The rest of the space follows the same concept with alternations between green and red burgundy. The old doors were reused, as well as the old marble sink of the previous main bathroom. Many storage spaces were created to improve the comfort of living. The large terrace of the house is an urban oasis and an immediate connection with nature, through the large openings. The house is balancing between the past and the future in an open dialogue with Kallimarmaro, its urban surroundings and the hip neighborhood of Pagrati.


Pagrati, Athens


July 2022