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ARI• Historic apartment redesign

HAP• Athenian Mosaic

KSA•2-storey apartment

A Swedish konditori in Greece

HEV•Flooring around the rooms

IRO•70’s apartment transformation in Pagrati

VIC•Transformation of an industrial space to a loft

SDE•Salon d’ elegance

CLR•Clarke Energy Offices

RD•Rational Data Offices

FIK• Fika
Slice of life

PAN• Offices in Panepistimiou
An office combo in a historical road in Athens

KOR•Re-examining the modernist apartment
A 1970’s apartment in Filothei

FH • Fillis House-Luxury Apartments

ΠΣ • ΠΣΑΡΑΣ-Fish Market

HEV • Flooring Around
Hotel BAR and Breakfast Room

ZLT• Aesthetic Medical office at the Limmat Tower

TFS• The Flower Shop

KYA• Cosmetics Store

VRG• Villa1951
A 1950’s Villa in Glyfada

UAE• Al Jaber – Villa in Abu Dhabi

DMC• Curved light

OAnd•Adding new floors atop an old building in Koukaki

BAK•Perforated bricks

MA • Metal Arches

APSV • Apartment Svolou

AEA• Wooden strips

ZFR• The Emerald House

QL • QOELA-Fresh Dressed

MRK • Once upon a time
Playground in Athens

NoVa •Wooden construction
House renovation

HZEUS • Small interventions
Hotel Zeus Platamonas

KSK • Hiding wheels
Coffee kiosk

3AG • Triangle
O2 Gym studio

MOBS2 • Box in a Box
Mobile store

PERI • Metamorphic rock
Athens kiosk

MIR • Color Dive
Mirror Design

PSYN • Synergy urban
Public square design

CSS • Inspiring Faith
Mountain Cross

office design smof01

SMOF • Half M Half Σ
Office design

MOBS1 • ►Yard
Mobile store