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CLR•Clarke Energy Offices

IRO•70’s apartment transformation in Pagrati

RD•Rational Data Offices

ARI• Historic apartment redesign

FIK• Fika
Slice of life

PAN• Offices in Panepistimiou
An office combo in a historical road in Athens

VRG• Villa1951
A 1950’s Villa in Glyfada

UAE• Al Jaber – Villa in Abu Dhabi

A Swedish konditori in Greece

KYA• Cosmetics Store

TFS• The Flower Shop

HAP• Athenian Mosaic

ZFR• The Emerald House

DMC• Curved light

AEA• Wooden strips

ZLT• Aesthetic Medical office at the Limmat Tower

BAK•Perforated bricks

OAnd•Adding new floors atop an old building in Koukaki

APSV • Apartment Svolou

NS • Natural Stones

ΠΣ • ΠΣΑΡΑΣ-Fish Market

FH • Fillis House-Luxury Apartments

QL • QOELA-Fresh Dressed

MA • Metal Arches

FOT • Herringbone Steps
Apartment renovation

HEV • Flooring Around
Hotel BAR and Breakfast Room

MRK • Once upon a time
Playground in Athens

NKT • MarNo2
Villa Lemonia Renovation

GER • Plus One
Adding Floor on a Mountain House

CSS • Inspiring Faith
Mountain Cross

NoVa •Wooden construction
House renovation

PERI • Metamorphic rock
Athens kiosk

HZEUS • Small interventions
Hotel Zeus Platamonas

MIR • Color Dive
Mirror Design

office design smof01

SMOF • Half M Half Σ
Office design

MOBS2 • Box in a Box
Mobile store

MOBS1 • ►Yard
Mobile store

3AG • Triangle
O2 Gym studio

3SB • Three steps beyond
Honey Moon Suite

KSK • Hiding wheels
Coffee kiosk

PSYN • Synergy urban
Public square design

TES • Tessera
Coffee house

WINH • Winter House

Brand/Corporate identity